Oscar Rodwell

Auckland, New Zealand

Marketing/sales background - looking for a CTO
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Business Development
Product Management

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About Oscar

My education background is in Property Development with a Bachelors Degree in Sustainable Urban Development and Urban Planning. Since leaving university I have worked within project management (construction), property investment, and taken various roles within the real estate sales industry.

I believe I may have a viable alternative to the current salesperson-driven model of real estate transactions. My desire is to move the industry away from its high commission based cost structure by leveraging various technologies, communication channels, user participation (in the sale process) and accessible government data.

I have built an early market solution with the help of freelance developers. I now need to get it live, get some customers, iterate the current platform functionality (where necessary) and introduce some core functionality that I have mapped out. I am looking for a CTO or Technical Co-Founder who can manage the technical side of the platform through the beta phase and implement the required new functionality. This will allow me to get out into the market, make some noise, and sell this new service category.

I have no prior experience with start-ups (however I'm learning more by the day). My experience is in marketing, development strategy and management.


It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves. - Sir Edmund Hillary


Bond University

Bachelor of Sustainable Property Development

2009 - 2013

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BizDojo Parnell

2017 - Today