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I am currently working full-time on a VERY interesting app in the commerce/payments space (prototype ready). I am in need of a co-founder who can share the workload and fall in love with the vision. Do you love challenge, making an impact, revolution, and are keen on building something world-class? If so, keep reading!

I am a full stack developer/programmer with lots of experience in frontends, backends, managing cloud servers, mobile app development, etc. I have good product development and marketing experience too (internet/affiliate marketing mostly). I have worked on a popular and successful service for college students here in the city in the past, and chances are you have already heard of it.

When it comes to qualifications, what is important to me and the startup more than anything else is a mission-driven A-class player with the right values - someone who doesn't ask for permission and can take lead raising the bar for themselves and their entire functional area, someone who can move quickly from concept to execution, is a problem solver, loves building things that other people use, isn't afraid of audacity and challenging the status quo, and someone who is ultimately in it to win it.

Are you willing to commit 100% to the vision and to ultimately be in it for the LONG-TERM? This means long hours (does 100 hours per week scare you?), being able to move to any location in the world if necessary, and putting users and the vision before anything else. Be prepared to work incredibly hard, but play hard also ;)

As far as skills go, someone with a technical background is ideal (backend/mobile). Of course, I also need someone who has skills in and can focus on customer development, vision development, product development (build-measure-learn), and business development. Creativity in these areas or in general is a plus and so is partnership and relationship building skills. Getting a synergy between us and these different functions is crucial.

With that said, if you are able to fall in love with the vision, then a lot of these things will fall into place automatically.

If this fits your motto for founding a startup and your gut is giving you a go, then please act quickly (things can change in a matter of months) and reach out to me as soon as possible as I am excited to meet you!

I have a very compelling and thrilling vision and product, and I need a very compelling and thrilling partner to help execute!

- Osiris
contact me: osiris(AT)ayenai.com


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