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Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Jason

I'm a business-minded database specialist with over 10 years experience building the back-end for complex financial tracking systems and business intelligence solutions. I am also a real estate investor and web developer. My strength is not web design but I can do it if necessary.

I have startup experience both as part of a team and by myself. I have a good reputation with those I have worked with and I manage resources well. My latest venture (which is on pause due to a lack of financial resources) is

I'm looking for a co-founder with business/marketing skills who will either help bring my solo-venture to fruition or introduce me to an even better idea that would be considered a "Blue Ocean Strategy". The ideal co-founder will not be greedy, selfish, or arrogant but generous, caring, and confident - hallmarks of an iconic business leader.


Carleton University

Computer Science & Business

2005 - 2005