Owen Wong

Toronto, Canada

Owen's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Owen

As a Physical Therapist for the past ten years, I have witnessed the system cope with the ever increasing complexity of patients, and the empty promises that current technologies have brought. There is a gap in connecting the healthcare experiences of patients, families, and clinicians with the engineers developing solutions. When this gap is filled, something truly beautiful can be created.

This is why collaboration with a front-line clinician such as myself, can be truly amazing. When tech and healthcare get together, magical things happen. We all know that understanding and empathizing with the customer is the most important thing in building a venture - and when dealing with the unique circumstances of chronic disease management, there needs to be an expert with the right experience to build such a product.

My years as a clinician dealing with frustrations in the system combined with my deep empathy for the experiences of my patients have pushed me to embark upon this venture to "update" healthcare. To date, I have developed my draft business plan and continue to consult intimately with patients and families on how to achieve this update. Please see what has been accomplished so far:


There is an opportunity to truly make an impact on the world by improving the delivery of healthcare. Healthcare is an industry ripe for innovation, and everybody wants a piece of it - just look at what Apple and Google are looking to expand into.

I am looking to change healthcare, and improve its experience for the millions of families that could benefit from this. If you share this vision, let's put a dent in the system together.

I am looking for enthusiatic individuals with experience in app development, and a genuine interest to make a truly innovative and meaningful impact on the world.

I am open to hearing from you and look forward to connecting.