P J Lal

Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

P J's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About P J

Most of my life I have been a trader of consumer goods and consumer services. I want to develop ecommerce projects aimed at selling niche products and services that can be sold for at least 25% less prices - even after meeting the courier freight charges - that are available at their own places. The list is long but if a passionate technology co-founder joins hands with me
we can do wonders using the existing global markeplaces like Amazon etc. I know about sales analytics, price comparision, product designing, market survey, marketing techniques, sourcing cheap sources of manufacturing consumer products and providers of consumer services,
I expect the technology co-founder to develop web applications to make life easy for consumers. Example, to sell wedding clothing, they should be able to take measurements to take their measurements of clothing by using web camera or video cues on how to do it.