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P Mack

Miami, United States
Startup stage
Business Development, Finance, Marketing, Product Management, Sales, Technical
Entrepreneur with a current fully functional offline and online business. Company has been in operation for the past 2 years, corporate tax returns filed, full financials up to date, company is profitable and has cash in the bank to expand. The company is in business consulting and online publishing. Seeking partner for the online division of the business. This division markets and sells digital products via the web from our own website and several third party e-commerce platforms. The partner sought should have strong organizational skills, excellent with graphics, photography and most importantly video production. Looking for someone that can administer the final visual presentation of content (that has already been developed), this will need to be done directly by the partner being sought, or the partner will need to outsource any skills they do not have. It is believed that a key factor in the success of the company is video content to present the products and services. This would be an integral part of the partners tasks, the coordinating and production of video shoots. The website is based on a simple wordpress design, so a high level knowledge of wordpress, how to code, design and develop would be ideal as well; or the ability to easily express what needs to be done to an outsourced consultant.

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