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Guntur, India

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Dear Sir/Madam, This is Organic Chicken project in which desi chicken roams and eats its natural food from the green leaf vegetable plantations. It eats lot of varieties of food which is available at low cost in rural areas. The chicks will be feed on the natural food instead of processed feed which is of high cost. This reduces the feed cost or chick development cost drastically and gives much returns. There is a chance to multiple the capital into 2 to 3 times a year. Break even point is one year. After that bundles of profits as this product is much needed by the common public.

Only thing is to establish the pure desi chicken (Natukodi) business in an organised way which is not present now. We will enter into an agreement with the poultry farmers to buy back and simultaneously offer franchisee to people in major towns where the developed chicken is sold.

There is not even a single chick development centre in Andhra Pradesh as of now. There is no organised sales system in the Natukodi market. This plan is about starting a Desi Chicken (Natukodi) Chick development centre and encourage farmers to develop desi chicken farms so that we can start a Chain Stores of Food that contains Chicken item, healthy lunch. There is a lot of scope for establishing the franchisee concept in this plan and we can become a wholesale distributor for many things and earn from retail outlets.

We construct a poultry farm in my village and start procuring desi chicken breeds, eggs, and develop the fleet. Once it reaches the 5000++ quantity we can establish retail outlets with this specific healthy chicken. We need to go on add more number of chicks to meet the increasing demand. For example, Guntur District with a population of 48.89 Lakhs in 2011 needs 7650 chicken per month if 120 persons from 17 MLA constituencies out of 48.89 lakhs population. I have got detailed project report with me and much of the details are also placed in my website.

The investment is for constructing the shed, develop the plantations, purchase the transport vehicle, initial expenses, equipment etc.