Padmanaban Gopalan

Coimbatore, India

Padmanaban's Skills
Product Management

About Padmanaban

Bigbodhi Academy is a unique space where, children learn through hands - on and exploratory play, supported by qualified trainers. We provide an opportunity to the child to develop his/her full potential by taking classroom skills to a higher operational level.
Bigbodhi Academy is a platform for children to exercise their creativity, problem-solving and team work skills. We enable your children to be better equipped to meet the challenges of the future society ¬ a future where innovation, originality and ability to work in a team will serve as key competitive parameters, through various programs involved in developing their skill set. As my role as Senior Trainer I conduct courses on Robotics, Aero modelling, and Renewable Energy to school students & Embedded Solutions, Robot Calibration Testing and Quality of Building Robots to college students.
Every year I train students for National and international competitions such as IRO-Indian Robotics Olympiad, FLL-First Lego League where I involve in team work with the student community and the spirit of winning the Tech-game. Recently a group of Students were selected for NASA-GOOGLE LUNAR PRIZE CONTEST as top 30 teams in the globe where I played the role of guiding students in Designing of Robot missions, Design of Mission area in CAD and Robot Prototyping. Apart from this I also conduct meetings with the joint-Trainers along with the directors of the academy there by developing new curriculum, Framing our positives & Negatives for our own development. I handle regular batches from evening 4.00 to 8.00 pm where I interact with the student community in friendly and informative-easy go manner. I am very much interested to undergo a research work in space development missions and programs.
In my college also I regularly involve in Student Research Foundation and Green Club to organise various sessions on new product development that support Green Technologies & Sustainability. We have a good interactive atmosphere in our college where we can work as a team and find better solutions.
My field of interests includes Composite Materials & Robotics. Recently I involved in a research work on Development of Natural fiber composite board using waste natural fibers and is about to complete successfully. I development the product manually and showcased the prototype in National and international conferences. I also conducted market survey of the product and got positive response. Now I am completely working towards the development of fiber composites that can substitute wood by all means and could help stop deforestation. I have various compositions and I am working towards the development of my project by correcting the failures at each step. I have also made ready the business plan and approached banks to make it as student start up. The first phase of product development and testing is over and it has to be finalized to make it a useful product to the society.