Paloma Sanchez Ronco

Madrid, Spain

Business Development Manager; Grow your Brand in other Markets/ Founder at AstuciaDigital
Paloma's Skills
Business Development

About Paloma

Professional more than 8 years of experience in marketing & sales. Specialist in Digital Marketing, Social Media e Web 2.0. Graduated in Sales Management and Marketing. Recognised to participate in the brand presence using different sales and marketing strategies. Expert in Strategically business process. Speaks several languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian

Description of Projects and Results

Business Intelligence and development of strategies.

Prioritization of marketing programs, routes to market, and channel enablement requirements to meet the revenue and profit goals.

Increasing Sales from existing accounts and creating new Accounts.

Development of 78 % of the Brazilian market / South America.

Responsible for supporting the alignment and implementation of the marketing strategy.

Establish new Partnerships of company’s around the world.

Following up new Business opportunities and setting up meetings.

Understanding and implementing revenue growth strategy.

Gain insight about competitors and feed this back to management to establish how an organization can out-position the competition.

Targeted and analyzing new market and service opportunities.

Negotiating prices and looking for the suitable product targeted for each client.

Participating on the workflow for owners/managers to help them on growing their businesses with a view to maximize their income.

Work Experience



May 2016 - Today

A.D is the Digital Marketing and Communication Agency with eye´s sparkle and full of passion. Certainly to be the perfect Partner for Modern Brands! We do Marketing & Communication as a gateway to boost your business into Latinoamérica, helping companies to reduce the complexity of being known in a new market. We hold hands between the Brand and the customer and we create engagement with your audience interacting with the community and talking the same language. Each country creates its own marketing strategy based on the life-stage of its market and consumer needs and in A.D we are always tuned about the latest trends! Supported in Portuguese, Spanish and English


ESIC: Business & Marketing School

Degree in Marketing & Sales Management

2001 - 2001

Postgrado in Digital Marketing Digital, social Media and Web 2.0

INESEM Business School

2014 - 2014


Google Analytics Certificate

BMT Best Marketing Talent