Pamela Gustava

Los Angeles, California, US

Pamela's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Pamela

No Pie in the Sky-Just a Real Solid, Much Needed Business Model. I am a more down to earth type- grew up in LA, Venice, Wilshire District-lots of Cool friends and family. I am a great leader and I like to be led by people who are smarter, more knowledgeable and skilled than me. I want to spend the next few years making a difference in people's everyday lives- and I want to share the wealth while doing it. I have studied numerous business models, know how they work and therefore I am very realistic in my goals. The business I am developing can grow to 3 million dollars in 3 years, not 10 or 100 Million. I am a very intelligent, generous, sincere, well-researched and knowledgeable woman. I am pretty fun to be around-more of a natural-bohemian type-So Here's the Scoop: I have built 3 successful businesses and lost them all. In my search for 'why I lost', I discovered the depth of my loss and how to embrace it-not fight it or resist it. I deal with it and move forward with intentional, positive and powerful actions everyday. These daily actions, I believe have opened a door to discover a huge need in the Apartment Rental Space. My strong desire to empower, educate and serve 'Renters' across America is the foundation of what this business model is built on. I am looking for a strategic and precise, marketing bulldog. The reasons why? mainly because the market is moving really fast and a lot of Big Billion Dollar Ballers are jumping in to back up many tech-based businesses-that also see the potential-but the market is not an easy market to understand- you either have to have a real desire to solve problems on a national scale-or be real greedy and hire people to figure things out. I am coming from a place of real desire and passion to positively effect Renters lives now and for the long term. The Plan; to create a business model that can be duplicated, get in fast, move quickly, expand and grow fast, saturate and then scale, scale, scale, scale, scale, scale. The simplicity of my business model is what makes it so exciting, the satisfaction is what makes it so appealing and the ability to scale is what makes it so profitable. I am looking for a co-founder that wants to work hard, smart and have fun for 3 years building the business and then sell the company for $1 to 3 million. I am seeking someone who wants to be hands on-but who can assign me tasks that I will thoroughly complete. I am seeking a partner that wants to build a local model-while marketing the national online part of the business as well. This model is a numbers game-type business-so you will have to be a great marketer. B2B Partnerships are very key in this business as well