Pamela Gustava Curry

Sacramento, California, US

Helping Rideshare Drivers Generate Revenues Rocks
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I get super excited everyday thinking about the possibilities for rideshare driving! I helped build 2 successful ( non technical ) businesses a few years ago. I am a great leader that knows how to follow. I have an awesome, abundant personality. I know my way around the Start Up community in LA and Nor Cal for the last 7 years. I work daily on developing some aspect of my business. I have been driving for UBER ( since 11/2015 ) and currently LYFT ( since 2/2016 ). I started developing the idea of New City Drivers June 2016. I surveyed 500+ riders, drivers and business owners about my business model with 95% great response. I have completed every aspect on my business model that is within my power to complete and now I am 1000% ready to build an amazing, awesome and wonderful team!!!


"any day above ground is a good day" - Anthony Robbins

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February 2016 - Today

I drive pretty much everyday and weekend nights. I take careful notes on the gaps, what is missing that would make a difference in the ridesharing model. I ask every rider that I can, their opinion about what they like and don't like about rideshare driving. I know what's happening, how to navigate and promote my city very well. I pitch New City Drivers like it's the seamless solution and natural next step for the on demand rides model. I have a very high rating and enjoy meeting new people, picking up regulars, getting to know what they do, discovering where they are going and what they are going to do when they get there, finding out what new rideshare services they would like, discovering and sharing new places to explore, referring local businesses, talking about local developments, events, issues and hot topics. Pitching new services to get opinions ( like TAXI 4 TEENS )


Santa Monica College - UCLA

Did not complete my degree

1976 - 1980


HACKER LABS: Start up Hustle - Walkers Legacy: Prospectus