Pamela Gustava Curry

Los Angeles, California, US

Pamela's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Pamela

Imagine for Vetted Roommates. I am more of a seriously-fun, technology researcher-person and I know my Stuff - I am currently Building a Cool, fun and awesome model starting in LA then scaling Nationally and Globally! This is a fun and rewarding business for someone who really wants to interact with people-and/or create a highly engaging People-Tool. Roommate Matching is a service that is in high demand ( due to the downturn in the economy, loss of home ownership, jobs and desire for more people to rent rather than buy-which is increasing the demand fro rentals-and shooting up rent prices, but Oh Well ) and offers so many ancillary revenue streams from Vetted club memberships to online product offerings like credit cards, renters insurance, product sales and fun Roommate Matching events. I am passionate about helping people have a great Room Mating experience for 5 reasons; 1. ) My family Moved a lot and helping people have a Happy Home-life is a constant quest that fills my soul, 2. ) I am an avid researcher and have validated the huge demand in the market 3. )
Technology and market Researcher; I have the expertise to do a great job that is very comprehensive touching on several complimentary markets. 4. ) I am a Property Manager by Trade, a former landlord and a Roommate Myself. 5. ) I want to build a $100 million company in a market that can positively effect peoples everyday lives. I started creating, developing and testing Roommate Tribe ( Find Your Tribe ) the current model which is Roommate Matching Webinars and an APP ( to be disclosed to interested parties ).

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