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Founder and principal trainer of ESI Education. The parent company, Seagal Education Singapore has designed and established a unique education curriculum in nurturing the emotional and social skills of children of 4 to 8 years old. see this link to find out more about me
Current looking for a Co-founder (remote) in business development for Jakarta Market, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur Market, Malaysia. Email me at


ESI KIDS - Think, Feel & Learn - Me

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Principal Trainer, Founder

Seagal Education Singapore

January 2007 - Today

ESI KIDS is a solid foundation for future academic achievements. It is learning how to learn, how to solve problems. It is a child learning how to achieve goals, how to overcome challenges, and forming the habit of getting results. ESI KIDS is developing the social and language skills needed for successful business and social relationships. It is a well-grounded child, building leadership skills for the future. It is developing perseverance in the face of adversity, and the resilience to handle life’s inevitable set-backs. It is the path to individual integrity and responsible decisions making. ESI KIDS is nurturing critical thinking. It is a child who is happy, positive, and motivated. It is founding self-confidence, and the language ability to express thoughts and opinions confidently. It is growing acceptance of the diversity found in a global world. It is learning to communicate effectively.