Pamela Urness

Portland, Oregon, US

Pamela's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Pamela

I've invested the last three years, creating all the assets, purchasing equipment, establishing networks...creating a viable creative business that utilizes my talents and skills and the talents of the contractors that we will be working with. We will focus on creating animated explainer videos for businesses to use on a variety of platforms, which is a very large and growing market. I believe the creative edge that we have is that our videos do not look like clip art, as most do today. Our videos utilize a variety of interesting artistic styles, that spring from my 27 years of illustration experience. We focus on capturing the story of each client that we work with and presenting this story to the world in an engaging, informative way. I'd like to launch my company within the next two months. My ideal candidate would enjoy the art of storytelling in a variety of ways and would have skills that contribute to this process--writing, illustration, animation, programming, marketing, social networking, or even financial investment. My focus will be promoting businesses that contribute to finding solutions for the problems we face as a society, helping to transform the world one beautiful idea at a time.