Panagiotis Dermatis

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Looking for a cofounder
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About Panagiotis

I am (a tech lawyer by profession) currently working on (disruptively) innovating an existing consumer hardware product by, amongst other things, making it tech-enabled. I have a patent pending and have built a non-functioning rough prototype and have prepared a business plan to raise funds for further R&D to build the consumer product. I am targeting am industry valued at US $20-30 billion today that is projected to grow to US $ 40-50 billion by 2025.

I am currently at the R&D stage, trying to build a functional minimum viable product and, for that purpose, I am searching for someone (potentially, as a co-founder) with an entrepreneurial spirit based in Dubai (or another Emirate of the UAE, but who can often travel to Dubai) with skills in:

(i) mechanical engineering;
(ii) electrical engineering;
(iii) using CAD to produce models;
(iv) using 3D printers to print 3D models for the prototype; and
(v) software engineering (this is not a must as, the software element can be outsourced once the prototype is built).

Please get in touch if you are interested and can assist or know someone who may be interested and can assist.


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Manchester Metropolitan University

LL.B (bachelors degree in law)

2008 - 2011

University of Aberdeen

LL.M (masters degree in law)

2013 - 2014