Pankaj Khodifad

Bengaluru, India

Co founder & CEO : Smart Circuit Design
Pankaj's Skills
Product Innovation
Product Introduction
Product Analysis
PCB Design
Electrical Design
Electronic Communications
Electronic Circuit Design
Digital Circuit Design
Circuit Testing
Circuit Design
Circuit Analysis
Product Management

About Pankaj

Having more than 3.5+ years of experience in High Speed, Digital, Mixed and RF board designing

Hand on experience with high speed designs (DSP, SGMII, DDR2, DDR3, Wi-Fi

access points, PCIE (2.0, 1.0), USB 2.0 & 3.0, NAND, NOR Flash, MMC, FPGA,

Hyperlink, XFI, SATA 3.0, UART, I2C, SPI) interfaces etc.

 Hand on experience with TI DSP multicore processors and microcontrollers.

 Working experience with Texas Instruments (USA)

 Experience in board bring up, functional testing & EDVT testing.

 Hand on experience with RF microcontroller based design.

 Good knowledge on board troubleshooting.

 Good knowledge on SI and PI while board designing.

 Involved and supported PCB layout engineer for high speed designs and power

designs. Good knowledge on high speed layout.

 Working experience with 1G, 10G and DSL networking.

 Project documentation as per the ISO standards, user manual and technical reference

manual design.

 Working experience in communication with clients.

 Working experience with complete product cycle development.

 Experience in schematic and layout review for processor based designs.

 Good knowledge in EMC/EMI pre-compliance.

 Involved in support for production team for various activities.

 Hand on experience with EDA tools OrCAD Capture schematic 16.6 and Allegro 16.6


Institute of Technology


2009 - 2013