Pankaj's Skills
Product Management

About Pankaj

I have 5 years of experience in social media marketing as well as I have worked as digital marketer. I have worked with startups and have extensive knowledge that how hard it is to grow and what is needed to done to tackle the problem. I am also working as a freelancer providing social media marketing services and helping them with business strategy to grow faster.I have 6-7 happy long term clients. And now I want to target firms. I am creative,ambitious and easy to talk to. I can be ruthless if need to or I can be calm. I love writing on Quora and talking to entrepreneurs.

For my co-founder he/she must be an awesome web developer (well it's always relative so above avg), creative can keep up with the ideas and turn it into reality. I also want the person to be versed with photoshop and graphic designing so that it will be a great help to make better marketing designs. The person should and must be able to oppose me or any member and should clear doubts. The person shouldn't be afraid of taking own decisions and then handle the consequences. Moreover he/she must be an amazing partner who if we fight or work or have a beer we can always be grateful together and not blame each other for the problems. Trust is the key.