Paolo C

New York, New York, US

CEO of undisclosed company with traction. Looking for a third technical founding member.
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---- Currently: ----
I am the CEO of a startup in the share-economy space. It is a fairly new concept solving a genuine pain point for all general consumers. We have had a lot of press buzz around our company due to how strange but genuine the concept is. We have users and are close to doing a private beta. It is a mobile app.

My CTO is younger, graduating from an Ivy league school with a degree in computer science. Unfortunately, he has visa issues and decided that the most logical thing for him at this stage is to accept a job offer he received from a top Silicon Valley company to stay in the U.S. This means he will have to take a backseat and primarily consult or code from time to time work permitting. As a result, we want to bring in a third co-founder with a technical background, to take the CTO position. If you are in NYC/Jersey City and interested in chatting I would love to meet you for a drink.

You don't need to quit your job, but need to be open to the eventuality of that as we grow, especially if we get into key accelerators.

------ About me : -----

Graduated from an Art & Design college with a degree in computer animation and a minor in business. Worked in feature films, on Oscar nominated movies. Moved to NYC to work on Advertising, producing an average of 2 Superbowl commercials / year. I have been part of large international commercials including "GEICO HumpDay" and many others. Went freelance and produced commercials for large agencies like R/GA and many others, for clients like Coca Cola +.

During that time I created an app by outsourcing the coding abroad in the niche animation space, which netted 10k with my marketing push and afforded me to apply for a merit-based greencard.

I also have experience in the startup world, having been part of a few startups as head of marketing and advertising -- producing high quality commercials for close to nothing, overseeing design, product narrative and helping in the fundraising efforts.

I have put everything on hold and am working on my current company full time. We have been on it for close to a year, developing for about 5 months. We have users and need someone that can take over from my CTO. Would love to chat, tell you more about what we are building, and see if we can join forces.