Paolo Luciano

San Francisco, California, US

Paolo's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Paolo

I am a cofounder of SwipeShop, a hyperlocal consumer marketplace where local students trade, discover, and share trending goods and services around them. The idea evolved through our beta tests, we launched v1/MVP at 3 universities around the U.S. We doubled in weekly active users and since then, we have brought on the ex-global head of bus dev at Flickr as our Head of Product, and the Global Product Head of Digital Commerce platforms as our advisor.

We are very close to our seed raise and we are looking for a CTO/technical cofounder to grind with us.

We are young, driven, and work as a family. We all met playing soccer so we know what it's all about to work towards a common goal. We are almost there, after all the hard work we have put in. Come join us and watch this thing take off.

SwipeShop - Local Commerce for the Sharing Economy