Paolo's Skills
Business Development

About Paolo

We deal with Web Marketing as a service to companies cutting small and medium.

We are looking for a business partner with experience to delegate a number of activities that currently I manage directly: management of the presales and / or understand the needs that the customer has and that we can provide such services.

Our business project is already started. We are a group of people motivated and with clear ideas about the steps to be undertaken towards a goal of growth in our industry.

We are looking for a business partner who invests his ability to relate to the prospects and / or customers.

Using technologies of Web marketing our current problem is not finding customers, but managing the operational aspects related to two main aspects:
- Communicate with the client (in pre-sales and sales)
- Handle the request / work order.

For the second we are equipped properly.

For the first (business) we tried to recruit personnel type seller: in addition to the problems of training, motivation of an "employee" was unsatisfactory.

Then looking for a business partner because we believe that the reasons are certainly best motivational.