Paresh Yadav

Toronto, Canada

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I come across potential co-founders all the time who have great potential, skills, expertise and experience and still struggling to succeed as an entrepreneur (or even failing to start) even after reaching late 30s, early 40s. Usually I have seen a pattern where lack of ability to trust them has made me walk away. My challenge is to find a business partner who is shrewd but not cunning or too shrewd. Knows which bad guys to screw and how much and who to leave alone and not to try to screw your (potential) co-founders, partners and employee. Trust is a must if we are going to start a great successful company where smart people would love to work because without a smart team of trusted core no one can succeed.

For lack of a better description... Please contact me only *if* your idea is in so called Bigdata/Hadoop/Machine Learning/Predictive Analytics space.

At core, I am a data professional i.e. I can do wonders when it comes to building analytic systems and applications which can process massive amount of data at fraction of a cost with lightning speed. I can hack few pages of front-end/back-end prototype application to make this processing engine accessible to the end user. Please note, I am no where near *efficiently* writing a responsive complete web application made of 100s of web pages needing transactions, session management etc. etc. If you have resources available to write such detailed front-end application I can work with them to deliver it (have done it few times). For the uninitiated, it is practically impossible to find someone who is expert at both.

Does the core of your idea fall in this area? If yes, I would love to hear from you.

I am experienced working with startups as well as have started my own startups. Early member of team at, Canada's poster child and pioneer in eCommerce. Key member of Cowboy corp.'s tech team until it was acquired by Cobalt group. Developed my own tool dbSaint whose technology was acquired by Quest software (now part of Dell).

I have also worked on Enterprise systems with teams from IBM, Oracle, RIM etc.

I have crazy work ethics, zeal and stamina and never stop at successfully building something technical even after facing daunting challenges.


When going gets tough, tough gets going. - Unknown


Univ. Of Pune

B. Engg.

1987 - 1987