Paris Kemanes

Nicosia, Cyprus

Paris's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Paris

I am a full stack web developer with an insane passion for business, especially when it comes to startups!
A bit of a creative with an interest in human behaviorism and it's role in business and marketing. It's always fascinated me how B-grade products can sometimes outshine A-grade products or how a seemingly perfect product can fail to take-off. Unsurprisingly there are always common behavioral patters at work - Perhaps something a company has done or hasn't done.
I believe my strongest asset is the combination of being able to assess a business and it's market, coupled with my technical know-how that helps me grasp the feasibility of any solutions, and most importantly my ability to execute a technically sound and solid solution.
I am a Ruby on Rails developer with the ability to wrap business development, human psychology and tech know-how, all into a single package.


University of Kent at Canterbury (UK)

BEng Computer Systems Engineering

2009 - 2009