Parissa Behnia

Chicago, Illinois, US

CMO | Marketing Leader | Targeted Marketing Integrated Marketing | Omnichannel Marketing | Marketing Strategy | Advisor
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Business Development

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My LinkedIn profile and resume speak for themselves. One of the things that I\\'m particularly proud of is my continued role in ProductCamp Chicago. I love the energy that\\'s derived when people volunteer their time, energy, resources and knowledge to help the greater community. It\\'s not easy work (and it\\'s sometimes thankless) but the connections that are developed before my eyes because we\\'ve put together a fee free, non sponsor driven event together makes it all worthwhile. I\\'ve taken the positive energy of this experience and am working with Dima Elissa (another applicant) and Marcy Capron (Polymathic founder) to develop a Chicago based conference for early stage founders (or even pre founders) to give them a stepping stone/guide as they start on their path of entrepreneurship. Stay tuned for those details!

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Chief Marketing Officer

Radical Choices

November 2015 - December 2016