Patria Abditiar

Jakarta, Indonesia

Patria's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Patria


I'm a 25 years old guy that about to move to Jakarta to start my own startup. Now I'm working in a retail company based in Bali as Vice Director. In 3 years I've been interviewing dozen of managers and creating quite a solid managerial team. I've also assisted in acquiring license of a international brand and manage to open opportunity for other International brands.

I believe that Indonesia has a pretty great potential for a startup and it is too bad that there's still only a few startup in the country. My faith is big enough to make me quit my current job and starting my own

I have an idea that i think will works and right now i'm working for the business proposal. This idea doesn't need big capital and could work as long as we could create our market. I'm not trying to change the world here, well not yet, but i just want to solve daily issue that is really happening.

I studied law in college and developing my recruiting, business development skills at work. As you can see practically i don't have any experiences whatsoever in programming or whatsoever. I could learn to coding but I'm pretty sure that i will still need someone with much better skill to accompany me in sweat and tears while building our startup.

If anyone interested, you could approach me in anyway possible so we could talk more