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Patrick Camilleri

Product Manager, Business Developer

Malta, Montana, US


Startup Experience

First time founder

About Patrick

I am building a way of teaching financial traders in a hands-on, personalized approach, whilst bringing the costs down using artificial intelligence, psychometric testing and strong e-learning technologies. Think of it as an automated private tutor for financial traders. The company is looking to disrupt the financial education sector using proven technologies in a new exciting way. It is a hybrid between an Edtech and Fintech start-up.

I am being advised by a very experienced UK advisor called Leo Dunne and I am part of the GrowthAccelerator which is partly funded by the UK goverment (

I am the sole founder of the startup and incorporated in the UK (I live in Malta, though willing to travel frequently and always available online). I am extremely passionate about this and have invested thousands of $ and a lot of time in it.

Will only consider passionate co-founders with complementing skills and a serious work attitude. Knowing how to have fun doesn't hurt either :)

Managing People
Product Management

Middlesex University

IT Management

2010 - 2010