Patrick Charron

New York, New York, US

Movement and breathing specialist with a background in science seeking to build a tribe of warriors
Patrick's Skills
Mindfulness Meditation
Fitness Instruction
Martial Arts Instruction

Startup Experience

First time founder

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About Patrick

A unique background in Martial Arts, Science, Meditation and Design has taken me to where I am today, creating a tribe of warriors, dedicated to positive change, and trained to combine movement and breath to trigger a powerful state known as FLŌ.

I believe in the WARRIOR SPIRIT. This need to fight for something greater than myself, for something positive, for change. I want to help others tap into their WARRIOR SPIRITS. Train them to take control of fear, stress and anxiety, the way that I fought to take control of mine. And once they do? To create change. Change in their own lives. Then, in the lives of others, in the world. To come together as a TRIBE, a TRIBE of WARRIORS for positive change. A FLŌ TRIBE.


“A warrior cannot lower his head - otherwise he loses sight of the horizon of his dreams.” - Paulo Coelho

Work Experience

Martial Arts / Fitness Trainer

Self Employed

January 2003 - April 2016

Worked in various gyms and studios as a Muay Thai, MMA and fitness instructor.

Graphic / Web Designer

Self Employed

January 1997 - April 2016

Worked on and off as a graphic/web designer after receiving a degree in Design in 1997. I currently use my skills for my own projects, including website design, social media and any other marketing materials I may need.

Founder / Performance and Wellness Coach


April 2016 - Today

This is my everything right now. It combines my unique background in design, science, meditation and movement. This is how I intend to create my positive impact on the world.


McGill University

Biology - Bachelors Degree

2006 - 2009

Dawson College

Design & Illustration

1993 - 1996