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My LinkedIn profile gives an overview of: Olavaquero the surf rental house I built in Mexico, Mr. Roboto Presents the promotions business, and my Enterprise IT sales position at FusionStorm, and Asset Managent Company the Venture Capital firm I worked for. I will expand on these experiences as they relate to starting a business; each has helped in different ways.

OLAVQUERO (MEXICO SUF HOUSE) – Building Olavaquero was the ultimate boot camp for managing projects, managing people, and negotiating business deals. The idea formed after a frigid day of surfing the cold waters of Ocean Beach, my partner Jordan and I decided we needed to own a house in a warm climate with epic surf; we booked flights into Puerto Vallarta and out of Zihuatanejo and left the following month. We drove up and down the Mexican Riviera checking out land & waves trying to find the perfect location; after days of travel and countless locations we found Rio Nexpa. We talked to locals and found out who had land to sell, and negotiated the sale of a beachfront lot with water rights in a neighboring mango orchard. After the sale we hired US based architects still in their residency to design the house for us, they designed and epic house and we got incredible deal. During the build process we had to be organized and disciplined, managing a construction project in another country in a different language can go sideways very fast. We took the idea: "let’s build house in a warm climate with epic surf” and made it a sustainable business. Today we rent the house for $350/night (Holiday), and $185/night (non-Holiday) and have a couple of surf groups come though each month. We literally took nothing (beach) and made an awesome business.

MR ROBOTO PRESENTS: This is the best example I have of a perfect partnership. My partner was Steve Brodsky who passed away last March from Leukemia. Steve was deep in the SF music scene and I was throwing events (a single's 20 something phase I enjoyed); we were friend of friends he approached me about curating music for my events and forming a promotions company. I took him up on the idea and we become 50/50 partners and presented over 60 concerts in San Francisco. Our most famous event was our Halloween party called “The Big Nasty”; the event ran for 10 years in a row and averaged an attendance of 750-800 people. At Mr Roboto I was responsible for operations which included: managing the budget, making the shows profitable, advertising campaigns, ticket sales, insurance, band & venue contract negotiations, hiring staff, and paying everyone. Steve interfaced with the bands and worked with: sponsors, music blogs and radio stations to promote the shows. Our skillsets were polar opposite, but together we made an incredible team, it was a perfect yin-yang partnership. This taught me the value of finding a partner with skills I don't possess; we can't all be good at everything.

FUSIONSTORM - this is my "day" job. Working in IT Channel Sales has exposed me to the shortcomings in the IT channel sales industry and shaped my product concept. I am most proud that I have been a commission only sales person for 11 years. It has engrained the work ethic needed day in and day out to be successful and create revenue and profit. I have not lived off the company fat ever in my career, and I would not have it any other way.

ASSET MANAGEMENT COMPANY: working for my uncle’s company I was exposed to the Venture Capital business. I took a position screening business plans and was exposed to the VC process beginning to end. I learned how investors look at new investments and why say “yes” or “no” to funding a start up. As young guy I didn’t have the real-world experience needed to continue working in this space; but I have maintained relationships with this community and can leverage those connections when needed.

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January 2007 - December 2016