Patrick Pease

Peoria, Arizona, US

Patrick's Skills
Product Management

About Patrick

The Team:
Me: I'm a coder with a lot of experience. I play with marketing and sales, but a partner would enable me to grow the business significantly.

YOU: If you are an an expert salesperson, or a networking guru, or a fundraising maven, or an ex-military execution oriented leader then we should talk.

The Advisors:
Brian Pfeifer: (0.5% equity) A local contractor with years of experience in the local home security market, as well as a serial entrepreneur.

Thomas Radloff: (0.5% equity) A Programmer with a BS in business management with focus on accounting.

The Products:
Personal Security: This is my baby. I've developed a way for your mobile device to detect if the user is in danger, imagine onstar but for people. It can Automatically detect gunfire, screams, assault, vehicle impacts, kidnappings, and more, reliably with low false alarm rates. It is fully automated to the point where the user can forget it even exists until an emergency arises. Patents are pending.

Traditional Home Security: Well established and understood product/market which will be used 1. for revenue 2. as a proxy/analog to the personal security market until more real world data is available.

-Both products allow for great cross marketing opportunities.

In-House Marketing Tools: In support of the sales strategy I’ve developed an excellent marketing tool set that effectively increases response rates from 1% to 10% which is significantly higher than industry averages.

The Needs:
The product will execute a soft launch on the android market on July 1, after that I will focus on "market validation" If the home security market is enough of a proxy then market validation will be 100 paid subscriptions based on a "total subscribers scale".

At the strategic level:
1. Reach Validation
2. Reach out to Potential Investors and communicate our progress and track record of success
3. Reach out to distribution partners to take a bigger piece of the pie more quickly.
4. Transition provisional patents to full utility patents

At the Tactical Level:
Support the Strategic Goals by
1. Reach 100 paid subscribers for Personal Security
2. Reach 100 paid subscribers for Traditional Home Security
3. Demonstrate the effectiveness of the in house marketing tools

Feel free to contact me if you can help execute these goals or know anybody who could.