Patryk Majchrzycki

Łódź, Poland

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Product Management
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About Patryk

Throughout my career I have been pursuing a dream of running my own business. I have looked for projects and developed my own products led by the idea of creating something special, something I will be able to look back on and be proud of. Although obviously important, money was never my driving force - the passion for creating something exceptional was. The word 'impossible' means nothing to me - I always repeat to my customers that 'everything can be done - it's just a matter of determination and time'. That is why I am sure that I (we) can focus on the goals we set.

Although I was trying to be an entrepreneur right from the start, I also had to gain some experience in software development so that I could provide services of top quality. My professional experience sums up to 6+ years - with multiple internships and full-time positions. During my days as an employee I have worked for major companies (e.g. Citi Bank, Orange) on the projects from various industries (banking, e-commerce, education). The area of my greatest expertise are cloud hosted (Heroku, AWS and Openshift) web-applications using modern technologies among which JAVA and Ruby on Rails are one of my favourites. I am also not a stranger to mobile and desktop applications. The one thing I would list as my greatest advantage is that I am a quick learner so that the technology stack is not really an issue to me.

I believe that CoFoundersLab is a great place for networking which I'd like to take advantage of. I am open to any contact/discussion - let's see where it gets us.

Currently, in addition to what I've mentioned above, my team and I are looking to aid both start-up and already established companies in software development process - concept aiding, analysis, UX design, software development, delivery and maintenance. We are more than happy to share our experience with you so that we can create something unique together.


Anything is achievable, it's just the matter of determination! - Me


Technical University of Lodz

Master in computer science

2014 - 2014


International Baccalaureate Diploma