Paul Bailey

Reading, Pennsylvania, US

Founder of Start-up
Paul's Skills
Business Development
Product Management
Public Relations
User Experience

About Paul

My name is Paul and I took a very simple idea that doesn't exist which gives us the first-mover advantage. I used my business background to form a business plan to commercialize this idea. I am looking for programmers who can partner with me to take this idea and create an app. I am very eager to connect with programmers and discuss this exciting idea and build a successful business. I am looking for someone who is hard-working, self-motivated, and someone who will not quit when they face tough times. I want a person who is unstoppable and who can visualize success. This will be a very successful company, and I would love to work with you. Please connect with me. Thank you.


Just take the first step. - Unknown

Work Experience

Marketing Consultant

Umpires Media

January 2016 - April 2016

I was brought on to an existing team to help create a marketing strategy for an app developer. This project entailed lots of market research with focus groups and surveying of target customers and resulted with a new marketing strategy that included a new target customer, SEO, Social Media Advertisements, a cross-country advertising campaign at major baseball stadiums, and a new pricing model for the app.

Strategy Consultant

Mountaindale Community Development Corporation

January 2016 - May 2016

My team and I worked with a local organization to analyze their current operations and give recommendations on commercialization of their property. This was a very comprehensive business project that included multiple analyses over months and months.


Collegiate Market Researcher

American Marketing Association