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Paul Bain


Arlington, Virginia, US


Startup Experience

First time founder

About Paul

I am willing to _join_ a startup, but **ONLY IF** it pays hard, cold cash. I am not interested in "sweat equity" compensation at all.

===== About Paul D. Bain ====

I am a lawyer and IT professional who has an encyclopedic knowledge of open source software, including content management systems (CMS's). Currently, I cannot decide which of two startups ideas I should pursue. I have already registered the Internet domain names that correspond to these start-ups:

(A) -- I may be able to develop this Web site on *my own,* without any help, due to my considerable knowledge of all relevant areas, to wit: the law of electronic discovery (often called "e-Discovery"), CMS's (especially Joomla), and e-Discovery software, e.g., Autonomy, Encase, and Zapproved's Legal Hold software.

(B) -- I am currently developing this domain name, but slowly. Be patient.