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I have a new technology for powering and cooling buildings in the global sunbelt. This new solar collection technology runs at high temperatures so it can drive an efficient chiller for air-conditioning. This high temperature feature sets this hybrid apart from Cogenra's offering. So does the higher electrical output and the smaller silicon input.

I am a doggedly thrifty and committed entrepreneur. This is going to get to the next step. And this next step is a larger prototype and some aggressive business development. That is where you come in.

You will be scrupulous by habit and nature. I am an inventor (not supposed to say that but facts are our friends) so I see things that are not (yet.) You will need to see what I see but also s have a gift for seeing the plain and rough bits of how things are today and will work with me to find the materials and messages that give confidence to the funders - confidence that there is a strong opportunity others missed and adult supervision in place to help deliver on it. You'll be a native speaker of finance and corporate development strategy and have experience pitching seed or angel round investors.

Together we'll figure out how to tell the story of the SolarSpork and our thrifty path to a product and to profitability sooner by:
1) serving the sunbelt better than any other solar collector can
2) evolving and iterating on a patent protected form factor that cuts costs all around and boosts output
3) focusing on the customer side of the meter where demand charge suppression is an added benefit
4) Specializing in big box store rooftops to net larger (more informed) repeat customers from the start

You'll be big on business model canvass work and we'll jam on that and customer development as we figure out the production and channel problems. Energy is a HUGE business but the price per unit competition is crazy hard so we'll watch every penny and manage risks by conspiring with our customers and channel partners.

Let's light this candle!

Product Management

Wesleyan University


1987 - 1987

Wesleyan University


1987 - 1987