Paul C

London, United Kingdom

Paul C's Skills
Product Management

About Paul C

I own/wrote/run (current beta:, 16,000+ users, 2m+ links shortened).

I can code (CS grad), primarily in JS/web. I just finished a rewrite of using meteor JS.

I have 2-3 years real world experience in Management Consultancy and Agile Software Dev.

I'm looking for a Designer to help prototype and prove ideas quickly.

They can be based anywhere in the world, but I would prefer London.

Ideally they should be able to code to a similar standard to me (not that great!), know a bit about marketing and sales and be willing to try new things.

Initially I'm looking for contributions to (new logo, landing page, UX improvements, product ideas etc.) but I'm willing to jump onboard with other ideas- maybe we can contribute to each other's projects as a trial?

I have around 10 hours/week available, which isn't long but it's long enough to build prototypes, MVPs and prove ideas.

I want to think big, but I don't mind starting small.