Paul C

San Diego, California, US

Paul's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Paul


I am looking for a partner that possesses the skills that I do not; someone to compliment me. I am a strong sales negotiator, have built a network of country managers, international trademarks, product development, logistics, etc.
My partner should be a person that can commit to this project entirely for couple of months and then work as a Digital Marketing Manager. Money will be good after a time but now nobody is getting paid in the company, nor CEO nor CFO... nobody. There is a good size investment on this project.

Desired skills: ecommerce specialist, web designer, programmer/developer, social media, etc. I am aware that demand generation for my product is mostly delivered on the internet and I need a partner that can make it happen.

Compensation: % equity, % sales, very flexible on agreement. I do not want you to work for me, but for the project. You win, the project wins.

Thanks for reading !