Paul Capestany

San Francisco, California, US

Paul's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Paul

I'm a full stack developer who's currently looking for contract work (think of it as dating), but willing to get serious down the line if the chemistry is right!

I especially enjoy:

• building native apps for iOS, OS X, and Apple Watch (with Objective-C and/or Swift)
• working server-side with Go (aka Golang)
• using NoSQL databases (particularly Couchbase)
• setting up DevOps for highly-scalable deployments (e.g. using CoreOS on AWS)

I've worn many hats. I studied neuroscience at Johns Hopkins and worked as a researcher in a lab that was trying to cure paralysis. As a researcher, I started noticing just how slow the pace of academic research was, and I began fantasizing about working in a faster-paced environment where my contributions could still have a meaningful impact. This desire led me to move into the tech industry, where I founded a web startup as the sole non-engineer. There I took on many varying tasks--raising capital, product design, project management, etc. After working on the startup for four years, I decided it was crucial to become a technical expert. Thus, I spent the next several years teaching myself how to code and got to work on different interesting projects. Given my varied experiences, I think I've got a lot I can potentially bring to the table!