Paul Caswell

San Francisco, California, US

Paul's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Paul

Our purpose is to free people to be all they can be. We are looking for someone who shares our purpose.

As well as being purpose driven, we strive to be conscious every day. Our mission is to change the world of work, starting with our own workplace. We are looking for a conscious leader who is also passionate about our mission.

Our product is built, we have over 50 fortune 500 customers, many of them tell us they love our product, oh and $1 Million + in revenue ... and all this from our MVP we bootstrapped!

We are looking for someone with the passion and skills to join us to take us to the next level. Bringing our products to market is the primary role. New business models, running the business, growing the team are secondary roles. This will free me up get back into leading the product evolution and sharing the vision.

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Imperial College London, UK

BSc Mathematics

1988 - 1988

Oxford University

Masters in Education

1989 - 1989

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