Silver Spring, Maryland, US

PAUL's Skills
Product Management

About PAUL

I am an electro-mechanical engineer, with more than 10 years experience, i invented an electric pet grooming device for (dogs, cat, horses) to be use for
drying the animal and grooming them at the same time after shower.
in 2009, i have a patent and a design, all i need is some one with funds as little as 50,000 to produce a prototype, and mass production, each product will be sold for 3000 dollars us, and the estimated annual revenue is 8 million dollars.

I also have a design and prototype for a (public breast feeding dress ) for new mom with need to be mass produce, and i need 40,000 dollars, the estimate annual revenue is 5 million dollars

i also have a design for aircraft engine bird protector (aebp) which i need 200,000 dollars to manufacture a prototype, and the estimated revenue is about 200,million dollars i can be reach at 504-373-1723.