Paul G

London, United Kingdom

Paul's Skills
Product Management

About Paul

Until recently, my career had spanned 20 years as a derivatives broker/trader (apart from 3 years spent working as a new media project manager during the dotcom boom).

I came across Bitcoin in 2011 and have been engrossed since. I was one of the original 4 members of the first Bitcoin meetup group in London and have since overseen its growth to a current membership of over 2000, organising regular educational and networking events -

Earlier this year I was also instrumental in establishing the UK Digital Currency Association (, an advocacy group that is currently engaging with various legislative and regulatory bodies as they start to research and understand the implications that block chain technologies are likely to have on the economy in the years ahead.

I've finally formed a team that is working on an idea that has been brewing for a couple of years that intends to narrow the gap between the old world of finance and the new.

We have 4 co-founders in all (2 devs and 2 business dev) but we would like to find someone that can skillfully manage the gap between the two teams and use their knowledge of enterprise level trading systems to help refine and develop our product.