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Salt Lake City, Utah, US

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Just a little run down of whom Paul Jaeger (Me) is:
I have numerous experiences in the creative marketing field, sales, as a professional photographer, graphic artist/design, front-end developer, philanthropist, an entrepreneur, and as a corporate traveling branding marketing. I love the exciting energy that start-ups have! I love creating something, from nothing! I'm known as the MBA Artist because I mix business with creation! I've worked at Comcast Inc, (Business Class) for 5 plus years as I was in the Presidents Club (top 5percent of the nation in sales) for multiple consecutive years. I learn the joy of sales as I approached it with the mentality of helping customers find solutions to their problems, with our services. Now it’s time for me to move forward with creating Jager Helmets, the first smart extreme sports helmet of its kind! Mixing technology with extreme sports in the effort to enhance the athlete experience and then share that experience with the world with ease!

On a personal note, seven years ago I completely won the fight against Stomach Cancer, now being completely Cancer free I was compelled to follow another strong desire, namely, to start the non-profit organization “Beauty for Cancer.” ( Overall, I combine an enthusiasm for the field of sales, marketing, as well with the experience of starting something, from nothing, as well my artistic abilities and experience in a corporate environment make me a perfect co-founder with you! I'm the why guy, I need the how guy!!

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Jager HelmX Smart Helmets

December 2013 - December 2016

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