Paul Lee

Baltimore, Maryland, US

Paul's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Paul

I am a business manager specializing in auto repair shops. I have over ten years of experience successfully operating repair shops big and small. I have successfully revived 2 failing shops with horrible reputations. I have also successfully started several of my associates shop ventures and set them up for success.
I am currently looking for someone that can invest the capital I need to start my own shop. The idea started out as helping another friend out who had just lost his job. I found a great location and already have the lease contract. Unfortunately that friend had second thoughts but I reached out to another associate who was very interested. We had a June 1, 2013 opening date planned but it does not appear as though that will happen any longer. I have a business plan/model that is proven from my previous experience and also know how I want to market my shop so that I'm doing business from day 1.
I have also successfully managed several retail businesses as well, raising monthly sales, retail customer count, wholesale customer count, aggressive marketing plans and aggressive pricing. I have plenty of experience managing people well.
I am looking to start this business asap as I now have the landlord holding the shop for me as I have developed a good rapport with him. I do not want to open any later than July 1, 2013. I am looking for a minimum investment of $25,000.00 but ideally $50,000.00. I could have that full amount paid back within the first three years at worst. I have almost everything lined up, ready to go as I've been planning this expecting it to open by June. All I need to finish is the capital and depending on when it comes through I may still be able to open by June.