Paul Michaels

Marblehead, Massachusetts, US

Paul's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Paul

Current Startup; - Your Adventure. Your Story.

I am taking the “Lean Startup” approach to the venture and therefore looking for partners who are interested in working smart ("Build, measure, learn”). Currently my startup needs are;

- Programer who is motivated and creative.
- Marketing professional who can help create and implement an innovative marketing plan.
- Sales professional who can help create and implement an effective sales plan.
- Advisors who can help guide us, as we create and learn through the process of building out this venture.

“Layer Cake” is the best way to describe my professional career; each experience and skill-set layered on top of the ones that came before - each enhancing the next. International fashion and beauty photographer, Motion Picture Industry, Multimedia Software startup, Senior software producer at fortune 500 software companies, Independent media production company, Mobile app development, Next-Gen media startup.