Paul (Pavlos) Inglesis

London, United Kingdom

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I am Pavlos. I have studied Civil Engineering (MSc) and for the last 10 years, I have been working in construction projects all over the world. I am particularly specialised on Quality management and performance of construction projects.

My dream and passion is to create a very simple and holistic solution for following up the progress and performance of any construction project. I have suffered a lot the last years trying to follow up progress and quality performance on site with spreadsheets, word files, piles of paperwork and un-processed data (that finally nobody reads) and I really believe there must have been a better way to do that!

There are probably hundreds of apps and SaaS solutions for construction industry but nothing out there unifies the process of having real data - in real time. There are solutions that offer snag lists, drawings on-the-go or pdf viewing.

However, my idea is based on the Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs) that every construction project and activity has on site and every Client worldwide requires the contractors to build and follow.

It will provide live statistics about progress (information will be updated on site from the inspections with tablets on site and synced later on at the site office) while at the same time all nonconformities (NCRs) will be raised immediately from the people on site through tablets. Also, having all this information on the cloud will give the opportunity of compiling all the deliverable construction records (As-Built records and signed paperwork) instantaneously.

There is a real lack of proper follow-up of performance and progress in construction industry and most of the solutions are dead-information management systems (pdf management is really not effective for following up performance...)

Building Information Model (BIM) is really the future and integration of such a system with a BIM Database would be extremely advantageous for the concept.

My idea has stuck on my mind the last 3-4 months...and believe it or not I really wake up and sleep every night with that in my mind! I have already had some very good feedback from people within the industry (already discussed it with people working in Crossrail - Europe's largest project at the moment).

I have even started studying PHP , MySQL and Javascript in order to build a prototype but I soon discovered that it's not really my field even though I like it and I have some basic programming knowledge.

Most importantly, in July 2013 I started the blog: which has attracted a lot of attention and only within 6 months, it has more than 5000 unique visitors every month. There is also an active Linkedin group with more than 700 members (and growing).

I am really passionate about this idea and I hope I can find a Technical cofounder who I can share my passion with and build an amazing solution that could transform data management in construction industry.