Paul Swengler

Lutz, Florida, US

Paul's Skills
Product Management

About Paul

Someone familiar with running a start-up high-tech software business would be good. Someone who knew that and selling to software VAR's would be better. Someone who knew the previous and also content management, file systems, records management, CMS and bigdata would be perfect.

I have a patented process for managing and displaying through a visual layer. (Electronic Paperclips, "EPClips")

Think of it as 'On Star' for a file. Like a car with an electronic ID we put a magic mark on a file. As a car can change licenses, owners, state registration and even color and On Star will still find it. Electronic paperclips can locate a file if it is renamed, moved and encrypted or compressed.

It is file type agnostic working on all file types.

It is primarily visioned as an API to fit between the OS and application, for example SharePoint.

To reach the market and consequently critical mass, EPClips needs to be prototyped with a VAR or more ideally an installation where managing data is critical. Perhaps somewhere where a records manager is tasked with controlling and policing a records management policy and federal records compliance. Or perhaps a VAR looking for a significant marketing and product advantage in a competitive field.

The need right now is to find someone(s) who are seeking the next great idea. I have the proof of concept and it works. I have it patented and have two more amendments and expansions for digital forensics, DRM, file tracking and lineage, and a way to use EPClips to create a bulletproof digital signature.

The need is to team with talent who can partner and get this product traction.

I am seeking a team that can help realize that.