Paul van Bommel

Singapore, Singapore

Paul's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Paul

I'm reasonably ok at two things. One, coming up with new ideas. E.g. Working without research, I recently thought and worked out possible solutions to two HR problems. (Rostering & Blue-Collar recruitment). Doing my research the next day, I found two -really cool- companies came to the exact same solution ( & Cornerjob). Well, I thought that was ok anyway :-). Two, I'm a strong tech acquisition manager, seven years now in Tech companies, mostly Google.

I'm interested in any simple (in it's genius) solution to tackle efficiency problems every business or person experiences:

-Food waste
-Overcapacity Personnel
-Getting a (quick) job
-Dating / Getting to know people
-House Hunting
-Cleaning, Repairing, Recycling clothes


Copenhagen Business School

MBA International Business

2009 - 2009

Co-working Space


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