Paul Wayne

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Founder Of B2B Global Networks
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Business Development
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About Paul

“ ...Paul has become the consummate, international Business Networking Expert. His work has taken him across the globe and he has developed business networks into global brands, serviced by 30+ staff who have then expanded the operation across most continents and regions. He is self taught, results driven, a passionate marketing professional, and constantly leverages his wealth of experience in order to help organisations and their leaders achieve their objectives.

He has become an expert in the virtual world. He loves helping both people and organisations not only get to grips with the power of emerging social and interactive technology, but he has also built the right networks, credibility and connections to ensure he remains at the forefront of future developments.

He is a hands on CEO with a proven track record in building successful businesses and virtual business models. He is still very interested in early-stage technology startups as well as companies “on the bubble, ” and is often asked to advise or consult on such matters.

Paul also coaches and mentors entrepreneurs around the world, working with organisations of all sizes - from start-ups to businesses which turn from £1 million to £100 million. He has worked in more or less every corner of the world - Europe, the Americas , the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia - and he genuinely thrives in diverse business and cultural environments.

He strongly believes that organisations should nurture entrepreneurial skills through their leaders, and that leaders are fundamental in aligning the culture with the businesses. This then ensures people, knowledge and innovation are connected to achieve even greater things….”


”Challenge yourself with something you know you could never do, and what you’ll find is that you can overcome anything.” - Donnell Rawlings

Work Experience

Founder / CEO

B2B Global Networks

November 2014 - Today

B2B Global Networks have active business networks with over 1.5 Million current members which we’d love you to get involved with and we also actively encourage feedback on our global business networks. Whether you’re looking for business inspiration to launch your own start-up, information on franchising and the options available, the latest insights into the Tech start-up scene or tips on how to manage a fast-growth company B2B Global Networks can support your current and future needs. Whether you need a dedicated consultant to help plan and execute a full online marketing strategy, or if you just need a trusted partner with whom you can bounce off questions and ideas, B2B Global Networks can provide you the dedicated support, trusted experience, and pure passion for online marketing that your business needs to flourish.

Director Of Marketing

Duco Experts

January 2017 - Today

Dūcō is a global marketplace of frontline policy, technology, and security experts who are available to connect with you around the clock. In a few clicks or less than a minute, you can contact an expert directly to schedule a call through our secure platform. Use our platform to request a call a short product, and just pay for what you get: a 30 minute conversation with a former Department of Defense official, or a one-page backgrounder on a piece of trade legislation. Our experts are global and have advised the US President, led international negotiations, founded technology companies, directed award-winning films, run for political office, worked in the intelligence community, and many currently serve as distinct professors at top universities. Carefully recruited and vetted, our experts have at least a decade of experience in some of the most competitive positions in their field. They are experienced briefers, savvy communicators, resourceful analysts, and deliver immediate insight to our clients. We have access to hundreds of experts and continue to recruit exceptional candidates to serve your global policy needs.

European Operations Director

Gov Cloud Network

March 2014 - Today

Govcloud Network Cloud Computing Strategy Cloud computing is not about technology. It is an enabler of new business models that can attract global revenue streams. GovCloud Network Cloud Computing Strategy is about business strategy and that strategy focuses on how to leverage the parallel and global nature of cloud-based services. Implementation of any new strategic plan also required training and cloud computing is not an exception to that rule. Mission & Business Driven Solution Design Solution design starts with mission or business goals. In today’s internet-driven world that also means simultaneously addressing the needs and wants of a global marketplace no matter where you call home. Today’s most successful organizations attain their business and mission goals by designing and delivering solutions that leverage the parallel and global nature of cloud computing. They also actively cultivate two-way communications with their customers. This combinations enables marketplace agility, successful solution engagements and delighted customers.