Paul Weidinger

New York, New York, US

Paul's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Paul

I am a graduate of Carnegie Mellon with a degree in Business (Entrepreneurship) and Computer Science. My passion is in developing and running innovative and unique businesses. I'm inspired by entrepreneurs like Jason Fried, Tim Ferris, and James Altucher. I think for myself and challenge the status quo. I value honesty and transparency above all else; a close second is competence and hard work. I'm a great communicator, both written and orally. I am an intuitive and natural strategist. I always look for ways to improve a situation, product, or process. I have experience coding and consulting for a startup.

I see myself adding value in the strategizing, developing and running of a business. If you have expertise in an industry and can identify opportunities or you have a brilliant new technology, I would love to help bring it to market.