Pauline Datingaling

Phoenix, Arizona, US

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About Pauline

I'm looking at making an app called Localize. Essentially, it's an app for people visiting other areas to find tour guides who are locals, rated, reviewed, and recommended by previous visitors. It's a bit like Uber and Lyft, except with tourism. People are matched based on interests, say John Doe wanted to find the best bars(etc.) around the area, it would match him a guide with similar interests. It's a more social and genuine approach to seeing the sights and meeting the real locals. Tourism doesn't have to follow an itinerary, it can be spontaneous and genuinely fun. No brochures or pamphlets, no speakers or anything. The tour is a personal hangout between you, the local, and the sights.

My aspirations for this startup app is that it takes off and changes the tourism business in a large way. We live in a far too dynamic world to be led around using a pamphlet and a megaphone. My qualifications are mostly lined as a designer, my strong suit is making the UI designs and even designs for marketing. I would like to meet someone who is cooperative, yet challenging to my ideas. I would like to meet someone who is serious and knows their craft in engineering an app for iOS and even Android if possible. Someone who can bring fresh ideas to this project is very much welcomed.