Pauline Lam

Toronto, Canada

Pauline's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Pauline

I am currently part of the Founder Institute's Startup Incubator program hammering out all the details of the idea and being pushed to move forward. The program has allowed me the opportunity to meet amazing people from individuals looking to build a startup like myself and already established entities from investors to founders of successful companies.

My strengths are in business development and marketing. I am very good at understanding people hence consumer habits because I have widely diverse interests myself. I am able to communicate and delve into the minds of a wide range of people. For example: I graduated from fashion design, I am versed in fashion and style as well as have worked in marketing and PR. At the same time I self educate in psychology and law as well as being a bit of a 'nerd' (and I say this with pride) meaning I love scifi/space, crazy theories, gaming (Yes we can talk about that too) and anime. I have even started learning a little bit of code (Very basic so far, HTML and CSS) but there is no way I can build the entire business myself. I have a pretty well rounded knowledge in a wide range of aspects but I really can't effectively execute the technical portion myself. I need a developer to build the platform and give technical advice.

What I am working on: I am building is an community driven e-commerce for the sustainability market. It's a very un-glamorous market but it is certainly growing and will inevitably become the focus of the future. I want to take this opportunity using my diverse skills to help boost the growth of this industry and combat the 'lame hippie' stereotype behind it, making it fun, modern and attractive to the wider consumer market. I have a lot of low-no cost bootstrapping ideas to make this happen, I fully intend to keep the business lean and mean! The sustainable market growing and no where near saturation which means less competition and barriers to entry giving us a great opportunity to dominate it.

If you are interested in sustainability and using your skills to contribute to positive change in the world, please contact me. Whether we work together or not, I am looking to stay connected with individuals that share the same core values.