Paulius Rimavicius

Vilnius, Lithuania

Paulius's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Paulius

My next target is to be a founder/co-founder of a UNICORN!

I know how to make successful business. I know it by making a lot of mistakes, by constantly learning and inventing and testing things.

My Experience:
- Web developer - backend and frontend (13 years).
- Software architect (10 years)
- IT team lead (5 years)
- Growth hacker (5 years)
- Marketing analyst (5 years)

My deep technological background makes me understand business from the technical point of view. You can't be a good CEO if you can't understand the importance of Big Data, A/B testing etc.

My Successful business concepts:

- Marketing: Measure everything, make sure you pay less - earn more.
- A/B testing: always test your product changes.
- Big Data: keep track of your metrics, make hypothesis, get insights and make decisions based on data.
- Focus on big things first.
- Keep your team happy and motivated.

I am looking for talented & highly motivated sales & business developers to help me launch a new product
- or -
I am open to coming on as an advisor or technical co-founder on your Big Data/eCommerce/SaaS project.

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