Pawan Mehra

San Francisco, California, US

Pawan's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Pawan

I am a marketing entrepreneur building ideas for new startups in mobile and consumer internet and seeking a tech co-founder to launch these new ventures. I'm well networked in Silicon Valley and abroad and its investor and entrepreneurial community having successfully launched startup ventures and programs focused on niche consumers and international startups. I'm looking for a co-founder with complementary skills mostly on the tech side. I'm a technology enthusiast and startup advisor and eager to launch and grow the next venture in mobile, e-commerce and consumer internet space. I'd prefer a co-founder who's based in silicon valley so we could work, pitch and win together. I'm a family man with kids and my time commitment is limited but I have much to offer in terms of networking, growth, strategy, and vision. Lets connect and explore possibilities to build an amazing startup together. We could do it!


University of South Florida


1999 - 1999


The Founder Institute